I bring together a team of selected digital professionals from all over the world to craft simple, yet outstanding websites. Together, we partner with brands to transform the consumer experience and bring ideas alive in the digital world. 


👋 Hi. I'm a product manager, UX researcher
& aspiring surfer.


Currently Senior PM at Valtech in SoCal.

PM with a love affair for creative thinking, an entrepreneurial spirit, a rooted sense of reality and a passion for the interaction of design, UX, and technology. I’m a forward thinker with a knack for finding unpretentious solutions to complex problems. I aim for functional simplicity and have a recognized ability to create new products that are simple and technically excellent.


About me.

Essentialist & lean thinker
Surfer & oceanholic
Tech gadgets tester
Travel planner
Restaurant hunter
Fitness & health lover
Coffee snob & addict

Top skills.

Product management
Digital strategy
User experience & user testing
Information architecture
UX prototypes & wireframes
Product development
Quality control & deployment